Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Triple Chocolate Mess

For all men are like grass, and all of their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall, but the Word of the Lord stands forever.  1 Peter 1:24-25

I've been a little intrigued about the idea of making a dessert in a crockpot, so I decided to test out a few recipes.  Of course, I could not resist one with this name.  Even Derek thought this was awesome and he doesn't love super rich chocolate desserts.  The texture is the fun part of it...kind of like a creamy cake.  You HAVE to serve it with vanilla ice cream in a bowl!   

1 pkg. chocolate cake mix
1 pint sour cream
1 small pkg. instant chocolate pudding
1 small bag chocolate chips
3/4 C. oil
4 eggs
1 C. milk

Spray a crockpot with Pam.  Mix all ingredients in a bowl and transfer to the pot.  Cook on low for 5-8 hours.  Serve warm with ice cream.

Serves lots 8-10

The recipe actually said to cook it 6-9 hours but mine was getting pretty firm around the edges after 4 hours (but was still liquid in the middle) so I just put it on "keep warm" for 3 hours before we ate  it.  That way if kept cooking somewhat but didn't turn into a firm cake. I said this at the top but you really need ice cream, yogurt or whipped cream with this dish!


Peggy Gaw :) said...

Hey Rushton! I am a mom of one of Bridget's friends in Nashville. Annie Farrar, My name is Peg! Annie sends me Bridgets blog and I found yours on there as well. Which leads me to writing you! I made the Triple Chocolate Mess on Sunday! Mother's Day! Oh my Goodness, This was the best dessert I have ever made. And Easy!!! All of our family was amazed at how different and delicious it was.Keep up the good work.I check on here daily! :Peg in Nashville.And,I do enjoy your scriptures! Great Idea!

Rushton Waltchack said...

Oh yea! So glad to hear that everyone liked it! My husband works with Bridget's husband... didn't even realize she had a blog! I'll have to check it out! Take care! ~Rushton