Monday, May 2, 2011

One step forward

Hey Friends (if you are still out there!) I haven't had much to post lately but wanted to give a brief update. The people working on my fingerprints assure me they will be processed soon.... we just passed the 4 month mark of waiting for results!!! There is some sort of hold up at the FBI now rather than the ABI where they were stuck before...... BUT the good news is that my social worker said it was time to pull out some big guns and get them figured out once and for all, so she is handling it now! As someone pointed out to me, if the adoption doesn't work out because of my prints, I could find a new line of work as a criminal! :)

In other news, another big step is getting biometric fingerprints for immigration (yes, more finger prints!) and we completed that last week! Of course, as the lady was taking my prints she kept telling me what terrible fingers I have for making prints....more confirmation that I may have a future in petty theft!

Then, it is basically back to waiting, waiting and more waiting.... probably 3 months of waiting to get approved by immigration. I really don't mind the waiting because there is plenty to keep me busy in the meantime... mainly 3 little ones to keep me distracted!

Another couple of cool examples of how God is in the details....

First, you may have noticed the links to friends' blogs on the side. Several of those blogs are new friends I have met along the journey. It was so cool that when we first announced that we were adopting, I felt like everyone I ran into kept saying "You know my friend Robyn is adopting." So Robyn and I started meeting for coffee. Then through friends of friends of friends the group grew to 6 girls who meet regularly for coffee/support. We are ALL adopting little girls from china, all using Lifeline and all started the process within months of each other! It really is a blessing from the Lord to have these amazing girls! And so cool to think that our little babies will all be friends (or maybe they are even friends now in the orphanages!!) We have nicknamed ourselves the red thread moms because of an ancient chinese proverb that I'll type up below.

And most recently, a friend connected me with a really sweet babysitter who we met for the first time last week and do you know what she is doing this summer? Working in an orphanage in China!!! And she has an adopted sister from there!! I can't wait to follow her blog when she gets there and of course, I'm daydreaming that perhaps she will get to meet and love on our little girl! Maybe wishful thinking but God has already worked out some pretty crazy details so it wouldn't surprise me!

Ok, I'll leave you with the proverb
" A red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break."

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