Saturday, September 10, 2011

A quick funny

Thought I'd lighten it up a bit before my part 2 of "She's the One," so here we go:

The kids LOVE their baby sister... albeit from afar right now. Henry smiles at her photo and says "Baby." Rollins had a smile cover his face when he saw her photo and said "Yes! I want her! I want her!" And when I showed AR the photo of her sister, she made an arm gesture and screamed "YES!"

I often wonder what is going through there minds as they process this. Well, I got a little glimpse of Rollins’ mind the day after we got the referral as he said "Should we get her a little wig to wear home on the airplane. I just don't want her to be seeing people at the airport like that. I mean she is really really cute but she really has no hair."

1 comment:

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

There WILL be hair by the time you get her :) To cute...