Monday, January 2, 2012

Update on Mei Sims

Woke up to an update on our little girl this morning! Feels like Christmas all over again! If you are wondering how I got yet another one..... there is a website called it is run by a stateside adoptive mom and a chinese employee named Angela, who contacts the orphanages. They are both awesome! And in my opinion the $40 it costs to get an update is well worth it! I would ask for one every other week if I didn't think it would drive the orphanage director crazy! I'm trying to use self control and do it about every month and a half so we will see how long I can make it before the next one! This time, we actually got some questions answered about our little peanut. My comments are in brown)

1. Is she walking? She is not walking yet. She can stand a while with assistance. (last update said she was walking with assistance so you never quite know what is correct.)
2. Does she sleep with anything special like a blanket or suck her thumb?
She likes to sleep with a napkin (I've heard all the babies in this orphanage sleep with a something like a white washrag.)
3. Please describe her personality.
She is active. She gets along well with other children. She likes to play with other children.
4. Does she have a favorite nanny?
We call her Mei Mei. The caregivers take shift to take care of her. (not quite an answer to the question, but that's ok. I can't remember if I have mentioned on the blog that MayMay is my mom's grandmother name. Pretty cool that she is called the same thing!)
5. Who are her favorite friends?
Her close friends are: Song Xiao Tao, Song Ying Qian, Song Ying Hong, Song Ying Yan, etc. (I just wanted to have this to share with her one day. And the first child they listed is my friend's daughter!)
6. Do you have any information about the day she was found?
She was placed in a carton when she was found. We don’t keep the blanket she was wrapped with. (Bummer, wish we had gotten more info. I'll try to ask more when we are there, but comforting to know she was wrapped in a blanket.)
7. How does she like to be comforted when she is sad?
Hold her, talk with her and play with her. (Kind of stupid question, but derek and I were having the hardest time coming up with questions. Interesting to me that we don't know our daughter at all, yet when we can ask questions, we had trouble even coming up with 10.)
8. What is her favorite food?
She is only eating formula mixed with rice cereal. She hasn’t tried any other solid food yet. (Kind of shocking to me that she hasn't eaten other food!!! Now I know why the birthday cake shoved in her mouth upset her so much!)
9. Her updated measurements:
Height: 70cm (27.5 inches) ; Weight: 7.5kg (about 16.5 lbs) ; Head: 43cm ; Chest: 41cm ; Teeth: 7; Foot: 10.5cm .

Such a cutie!!! And I love that her hair seems to be coming in fast!


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

This is so awesome... so happy for you... hope you find out the families of the other children... wish I had asked questions or even knew about these people... would have been priceless to get these questions answered...

Karon and John said...

Very exciting information. Mei Mei also means little sister:) I have not read far enough back to know where she is. Our little one Isaac spent 2.5 years in Guanzho (sp?) He was found in the South in a small town oposit the bay of Hong Kong.

Anonymous said...

so precious rushton! how old is she? when do you think you will bring her home?
kimberly guy mason

Tiffany said...

Yea Rushton!! She is precious...her hair really is coming in fast. Not too much longer!! :)