Saturday, February 18, 2012

I was just looking at the first photo we ever saw of Mei Sims, over 6 months ago..... looking at her now... she's growing up (sniff sniff)..... I
t's a little hard to take in how much she has changed as we have waited and waited for all of the paperwork to be done. I'm thankful that VERY soon we will have her home and can stop watching her grow up in photos!

An aside, but I get asked a few times a week about her name.... thought I'd clarify here that yes, we are calling her a double name and that Mei is pronounced like Mae.... most of you may know that but just wanted to put it out there for anyone who doesn't.

Another aside, if you are reading this, say a quick prayer for my friend Brecca who will get her daughter, Emalyn when we are sleeping tonight. Pray for Emalyn's transition... that she would feel loved and safe and that God would surround their family with love and protection. Thanks friends!

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Anonymous said...

Just sitting here praying for all of you and Mei as you prepare to go welcome her into your sweet family.....God so has a plan for each
one of us long before we are born....
Looking for forward to reading all that you write on your journey.
Love you much....sandy d.