Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another day closer to coming home

I'm working on a post to sum up our time here as well as some prayer requests for our return, but for today I'll just leave you with photos from our time on Shamian Island tonight, where we shopped and ate awesome food and Mei Sims was a delight.... more tomorrow.... our last full day in Guangzhou. We will have our appointment at the US Consulate and then focus on packing up.... some of our friends leave tomorrow and I would be lying if I didn't say that I am a bit jealous. See ya'll soon!

Oh and maybe I'll say this here but our plane arrives friday at 4:30... Delta coming from Detroit. We want to see as many of you as would like to come, Please Come!.... but I won't consider you less of a friend if you don't. I know that is a hard time of day with kids and with traffic. My friend Kim is on the same plane. Derek and I actually have a friend who is going to take photos to document MS meeting her family. At the risk of this sounding rude, we are requesting that only my immediate family be upstairs and everyone else be down at baggage claim. We want our kids and family to meet their sister first and I need a few minutes to kiss on my kiddos in as little chaos as possible. And then the new Waltchack family can walk down the stairs and meet and say hi to everyone..... so I hope you'll understand. Mei Sims is for sure bonding to me, so please feel free to pat her arm, face or whatever and give us a hug. I can't wait to be in that airport with my family and you all.

MS liked her first Grilled Cheese:

With a sweet shop owner, Uncle Jordan. He was SO excited because his family is from the same region as MS.... so he called himself uncle and we laughed and then he said "no really, uncle. My family settled there 1,200 years ago when it was still wild so we are the same bloodline." Pretty cool. His excitement was a bit terrifying to MS though.
Derek and a fat lady statue....
Cutie pie.... I look like I was trying to eat her but it was just one of a thousand yawns.
Enjoying walking around the island... it was a really quiet and cool part of town. Kind of looked like a chinese version of charleston to me.
This is for my kiddos. You got to pick your fish or lobster and then eat it.
Eating at the famous Lucy's. Really good and reminded us of home.
With Rebecca (our guide) and Lily (the amazing gal who matched us with Mei Sims)... they are both the best. If you are considering china adoption, these ladies are the best 2 reasons to use Lifeline!


JimandJackie said...

Hope the CA goes well, hard to believe you are almost home! Prayers for a safe journey!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Remind me to tell you about the 'rat' story at Lucy's when you get home... hehehe... love Shamien... we were there when it was being cleaned up etc. glad you are having an awesome time. Is there any other Yangxi families there? Hugs

mbcfree said...

Love Lucy's! It was such a relief to sit there and almost feel like home. Good food and english everywhere. I loved all the statues around there as well. We called the fat lady statue the American Lady. (Watch the hand Derek). I really liked staying on Shamian Island. B and C could go to Subway or Starbucks by themselves without being scared or weirded out. Not as much staring either. I think all your requests for coming home are an excellent idea. I really want to come but Chris and B,C,D leave the next morning at 5am for their Honduran mission trip. So I hope I can come but I know you won't hold it against me if I don't. Love you! Cannot wait to see you!!!

Meredith McGee Beatty said...

Prayers for your safe journey home. I have loved reading your blog and seeing pictures of MS. I would love to meet her.

Meredith Beatty

Meredith McGee Beatty said...

Prayers for your safe journey home and I hope MS travels well on the flight home. I would love to meet MS sometime. I have enjoyed keeping up with your blog and love the photos you have posted.

Love, Meredith Beatty

Meredith McGee Beatty said...

Prayers for your safe journey home. I hope that MS travels well on the journey home. I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the photos you have posted. I would love to meet MS sometime.

Love, Meredith Beatty