Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Week in our Arms

Today is our 7th day together.... a week ago, Mei Sims' diet consisted of 4 bottles a day. For us, she has basically refused bottles. In 7 days, she has had 2 whole bottles and then an ounce here and there. She had refused all other liquids as well (but was somehow still producing a little tee tee-- Derek was particularly paranoid about her getting dehydrated... he was driving me crazy every 5 minutes saying "she needs to drink fluids!") but finally last night she began to guzzle water from the sippy cup. Thank goodness!!

I don't know if she gets mad when we try and give her bottles because it reminds her of the orphanage? Or perhaps she has realized that there are much finer things in life.... this would horrify her nannies but thought you might like to see the list of what she has tried in the past 5 days..... a bit like going 0-60 in 2 seconds....

gerber puffs
hummus & pita
french fries
fried rice
apple juice
baby food carrots
and my favorites: McDonald's cheeseburger & fried mash potato balls

I wouldn't want formula anymore either!

We have actually gotten her a little stopped up with all the new foods so trying to solve that problem! Other than new foods, what else have we accomplished in 7 days? Let's see.... I have managed to clip all her nails but 4... she freaks so, slowly but surely i will get her well groomed. She came to us with claws. We have still not attempted to brush her teeth. I finally counted when she was screaming today and she has 10 teeth.... the rest of her gums look like a bumpy terrain of teeth and gum.... I think all of her remaining teeth are coming in a the same time. She has only has 3 baths and all 3 were torture...I discovered a birthmark on her knee today.... oh and Derek got covered with the first vomit! She was so mad that i gave her to Derek to hold (i needed to potty and brush my teeth) and she worked herself into such a fit that the result was breakfast all over Derek :) She is in my lap while typing and I've found a punch brothers song she loves... twirling her little feet around in excitement. She is ever so slowly beginning to play with toys but wants me with her. She has to make eye contact with me about every minute or 2... almost like she is checking to make sure I am still here.

Did I mention we are tired? This has been such an emotionally and physically challenging week.... my back and arms ache from carrying her every waking moment....even in the room when I am holding her, she prefers me standing and freaks if I sit down.... there are still many many tears shed each day which is just hard when you know something is wrong but have no idea what it is or how to make it better.... she can laugh one moment and literally 2 seconds later be sobbing... she wants to me to hold her but then arches her back when I am... it is enough to make you feel very weary by the end of the day.... It is also hard for Derek to not really be able to help... he got some loving the first 2 days but now if he tries to calm her, it only gets worse (i.e. the vomit).... I'm not complaining but want to be real here.... it is a different kind of exhaustion than we have ever experienced...... but it is worth it... and sometimes during the weariness, I have to remind myself of that fact.... again, just being real.... but did I mention we are in love?

On to today's agenda: Shopping! We came away with some great deals... dvds for the kids, pearls, traditional silk outfits for my girls, a jade necklace for when she is older, etc. It was the largest market I have ever seen! MS passed out by the end of it all.

So, we are on the countdown to coming home.... I miss my children terribly and can't wait to kiss and hug them! Thanks to all of you who have pulled together to help with them. I had several playdates planned but keep hearing of new and fun plans they have made.... I really cannot thank you all enough! Even if I forget in my fog to thank you individually, mom has kept me informed of all the dinners, park outings, library outings, care packages, etc. that have taken place..... I have the BEST friends & neighbors & family and feel very very blessed!

Thanks also for all the sweet comments and e-mails I have received. I don't have time right now to respond individually but it really has provided such encouragement and comfort to know that so many people care and are lifting us up! Checking my e-mail is the highlight of my day and I'm generally in tears after reading all of your comments. I seriously would not be making it through all of this craziness without the Lord and without your calling out to Him on our behalf. So, I know a thank you on a blog is probably terrible etiquette but I'm doing it anyway. Enjoy some photos from today!

Photos with MS in her new "silks"

Beads Galore at the market

Derek buying DVDs

Derek, aka the diaper bag carrier

The beginning of the meltdown this morning

Ending the day with a coconut

I stole these photos from our friends Steven & Tiffany Hailston-- thought it'd be fun to show the coffee gals together in china!


mbcfree said...

Loving the stories and pics. I remember being so exhausted at the end of the day I couldn't even cry. I promise it will get better. We prayed for you in big church today. I get to add Clay and Kate Wheeler to the adoption bulletin board. They sent out an email to say they are adopting from Colombia. Yea!!! Hang in there. Friday is coming. Love you guys!!!!

Pam said...

As long as she is eating don't stress over the bottle. Emma will sometimes drink her bottle and sometimes not. So don't worry! It's so cool to see some of the same places on your pics. Enjoy every moment you can because before you know it... you will be home! Try to catch up on your sleep at night time or during her nap. That will help a bit. Enjoy!

JimandJackie said...

I pray for some relief for you, the exhaustion is brutal...and so is that pain from carrying...constantly! I love the shopping pics and the melt down :) I hope things are going well, thinking about you guys constantly!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Don't sweat it Derek... Your day will come, we have somewhat of the same issue... It took Shauna a while but Miss MS will get there... If it is any consolation she calls him 'the king'.. Hugs...

suse said...

the LORD has rescued her!! AWESOME.
thank you rushton for painting such a vivid and moving picture of what she has been rescued from, and a glorious (!) picture of what she has been rescued to. it is truly amazing...
i totally understand how you could want to scoop up others.....and run.
on a lighter note, love the 'man-purse' DW - haha!
"all they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength, ..they shall mount up on wings like unto eagles, they shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not faint" - praying now that you will not grow weary and not faint! it's almost friday!