Sunday, June 10, 2012

Photos as promised...

Here are photos from the beach and other moments over the past 3 months.  Just for fun, look back to see photos of the day we got MS and you will see what I mean when I said in my last post that she is a different child now.  Praise the Lord for the work He is doing in her little life!  Enjoy the pics.  I'll update after her surgery!

Maime, Emalyn and Mei Sims at Emalyn's birthday party.  I love the stare down that MS and E are giving each other.  These girls will be friends for life!  

I loved looking over and seeing all my kids working together.

Just some beach cuteness...

We found this on the beach.  I snapped a photo and then realized where henry's hand was!

Checking out the waves.

These 2 photos crack me up... sometimes I wonder what Mei Sims thinks about this crazy  crew she has joined....

After a long morning of swimming with cousins.

MS's favorite things at the pool.... Being tossed in the air....

.... and being dunked under!

Henry's favorite pool activities are drinking the water and then pooping (didn't photograph that!)

After lunch we took the babies on a spin on the golf cart and they both passed out.  SO SWEET!

Love this photo because you can see how thick her hair has gotten. 
AR jumping...

.... and Rollins flipping

Ready for the pool!

Having fun on the golf cart! 
MS showing me her muscles.

Little girl on a big bean bag chair... where she will be for the better part of the next 3 months!

Standing up on her own and so so proud!

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Kelly the Overthinker said...

Oh my - that picture of the sand sculpture made me laugh out loud. :)

Your children are beautiful - what a neat family! Glad to see your newbie seems to be doing well with her cast!