Thursday, August 16, 2012

Neurosurgeon update

A quick update.... we went to the neurosurgeon today regarding MS's head shape and possible sutures (soft spots) closing early and so on.... So, the Doctor was AWESOME (Dr. Blount if you are in B'ham and need an neurosurgeon).  He came in and immediately says "let me put your mind at ease, I've looked at the CT and x-ray and there is nothing at all concerning about her skull."  He followed that with the comment that even if he had not seen all of that, he has seen so many kids that the moment he walked in the room and looked at her, he knew there was no issue.  Whew.... a sigh of relief.... I so didn't want her to have to face another procedure after how much she has already been through.  We talked at length and the gist of it was that your skull continues to round out until age 2.5 so hers will most likely continue to shape and look normal in the end.  And honestly, I didn't even care if her head looked normal, I was more concerned about her skull being able to grow so that her brain could continue to grow.  He ended with "It was great to meet you.  She is beautiful.  You never need to come back!"  Wonderful!

The other interesting note.... the referring doctor didn't just send us because of the shape.... it was the shape coupled with the fact that her head measurement is in the less than 3% on the chart yet her height is in the 50%.... that discrepancy just caused her to raise an eyebrow.  When I mentioned this to the doctor today, he looked puzzled and said that her head is not in the 3% on the chart but is totally normal for her age/size.  When they measured today it was over 3 cm larger than it was 3 months ago.  Dr Blounts' take on it was that they measured incorrectly before because your skull can't grow that much in that short of time.  I didn't argue with him but believe me, I held MS screaming at the international doctor as they measured it multiple times to make sure they got it correct.... they also kept thinking it should be bigger so they double checked themselves.  My take on it?  God moved.  Period.  He got her home, got her body the nutrition it needed, caused her to flourish and voila.  Her noggin got bigger.

We waited at the doctor for 2 hours before we saw him, but MS was so happy to have me to herself that we truly had a blast.  I enjoyed ever second of it.  I brought a photo album with all of her baby photos I have in case the doctor wanted to see them.  As we were waiting, I was flipping through it with her when she spotted a yellow blankie in the corner of a few photos.  Each time she saw it, she pointed at it and screamed "mine!"  It just struck at my heart... to find out she had a blankie that I didn't know about but that she remembered and loved.... so sweet.  She continues to surprise me with the goofy, quirky little things she comes up with also.  While I was talking to the doctor, MS was pulling the neck of my shirt out, sticking her little hand down it, pulling out pretend food (aka air) and then pretending to eat it.... chomp chomp chomp.... hand back in for more.  I sure hope the doctor saw it was all pretend and doesn't think I store food for my child down my shirt.

And on that funny note, Rollins has been coming out with some things lately that make me laugh and cringe at the same time.  The 2 most recent moments were:

1. Rollins coming up to me with a nervous little laugh/ grin (which usually means he is up to no good) and says:  "So mommy, when is ms gonna get her.... (giggle giggle) you know  (giggle while making a gesture with her finer across his eye) ... you know... her squinty eyes?"  Me:   What do you mean?  Rollins:  "well, she is asian and asians have (giggle giggle) kind of squinty eyes, so when will she get hers?"  I explained her eyes are her eyes and she doesn't get a new look at a certain age because she is asian.  The way his mind works is hilarious to me.

2.  After leaving a play group with asian girls this week rollins' comment  was "The asian girls were just like roaming the whole park.  Just roaming around everywhere.  There weren't enough americans there." Yikes.... the things you never thought to explain.... but now he knows the "asian girls" are americans just like he is!

Finally, I just have to say that when I wrote "give me jesus and anthropologie" I was TOTALLY joking around, although it is my favorite store.  Much to my surprise there was a VERY generous gift card in my mailbox this morning that made my day!  I'm constantly overwhelmed at the love and support people have shown me this past year.  So since I don't know who you are and I figure you must read my blog.... thanks so much for the thoughtful, fun, generous and totally unexpected gift.  Whoever you are, you are crazy but I was sure blessed by your craziness today!

Now onto the orthopedic doctor next week where I will try my best to convince him that it is in his best interest to go ahead and remove the cast...Derek told me to tell him my marriage depends on it (haha... don't worry, it doesn't)..... it'll just be 2 weeks early... wish me luck!

Worn out after yet another doctor

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