Friday, October 19, 2012

Let's go to the movies!

I am so excited about a documentary coming to town.  I have been slightly stalking it for a year... (i.e. watching the trailer too many times, contacting the distributer, contacting our local theater, and so on)... wanting to see it so badly... and finally there is a cool new way to bring it to your local theater.  We planned an event..... all of my red thread pals have spread the word.... and 100 plus tickets have been sold in a week!  It occurred to me that perhaps some of you following my blog might be interested in joining us, so check out the link below & spread the word.  There are more seats available and they can open another room at the rave if there is even more interest.  So if you have adopted, are praying about it, know someone who has adopted, or just love adoption..... then come on!  See you there!

Thursday, Nov. 15th 7:30

Click here:
Don't miss this @Tugginc screening of Somewhere Between

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