Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Mei Sims!

It is day in china so we can go ahead and celebrate, right?  I thought MS could share the good news with  you so we did a little bedtime interview:

In other news, after sleeping with us for 8 plus months, we are attempting to move MS into the room with AR.  You could see in MS's face that she was somewhat concerned as we explained over and over what we were doing.  But when she saw AR in the bed right beside her crib, she smiled pretty big.  They fell asleep to many giggles & singing the ABC song over and over.... Derek doesn't think she will last through the night.... I'm holding out hope.... and if all else fails, she still has a spot in our room ready for her.  Crazy enough, I think I'm gonna miss her tonight...  my baby is growing up.... sniff sniff


Pam said...

Tooo cute! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mei Sims!!!I hope you had a wonderful day with your family!!!

How did night time go in her own room?

Suse said...

happy birthday mei sims!
ps - thanks for posting about her birth momma - i prayed for her
i hope we do see her in heaven
i love the dream
yay for sleeping with AR

happy thanksgiving to the waltchacks :)