Saturday, January 5, 2013

Home 10 months & finally a "Gotcha Day" video

My goal was to make Mei Sims' video before we had been home a year and I finally completed it today.... on her 10 month anniversary.  Time is going by much too fast these days.  My disclaimer is that the video is 12.5 minutes long... which Derek assures me is much too long for people to watch.  And I assure him that people care and will watch.... i hope.  Actually this video is primarily for her but I wanted to share with all of you who have walked this path with us.  My purpose in the video is to be able to watch this every year with Mei Sims on the anniversary of her gotcha day.... so that she may in a sense journey with us again.  And as she gets older, I'm sure different portions will trigger different conversations.... which is exactly what I want it to do.

We have no videos put together of our bio kids but they have always been with us... so every detail of their lives are known by us and recorded in baby books, photo albums or stored in our memories..... MS doesn't have all of that and I wanted MS to have something to make her feel special.... to feel as if she has something cool that they don't... does that make sense?

So a few weeks ago, I set out to figure how in the world to even use my mac and do this.... and this is the result.  If you wonder how I do this with 4 kiddos, the photo below is evidence of what happens when I'd sneak a few minutes here and there to work on it..... mayhem...

While I'm here, I may as well give a brief pictorial update of life as we know it......

the boys at the baptism
MS in her gown

this pretty much sums it up
AR wanted to sleep in braids and decided the next day it was a bad idea

1st birthday
Christmas Crazy lights going up
MS feeds and diapers all dolls and animals


Freezing at ICE in Nashville

I love this photo.  He was not amused.
Headed to pool & MS still squats
Beach with the Barbers
On the beach

Blurry but looking so grown up these days

And the video.... if you are able, pay attention to the words of the songs.  Music was such a big part of this journey for us.... the lyrics to these songs strike such a deep chord in me.... they put the past year or so perfectly into song & words in a way that I never could have.... hope that you will hear the same beauty in them...


Pam said...

Absolutely LOVE the video! I can't believe we are STILL working on ours! MS does look so much older in the last picture with the bathing suit on! It is a beautiful picture of her!

Aj Robinson said...


my3 kids said...

What a beautiful video..your kids are all so beautiful but your Yangxi girls has grown and changed so much. So sweet. Brought me back to the day we met our Yangxi beauty....she was 9.5 months old then and will turn 8 this month...not sure where the time has gone but it goes so fast. Thanks for sharing a little of Yangxi with us:)

liz said...

LOVE the video! so precious!!! tears!!! ; )

The York Family said...

So sweet!!

carroll lane said...

I loved the video - how special and what a treasure for you all to have forever. Thank you for sharing!

Margaret said...

That was beautiful!! I still cry like a baby everytime I see a Gotcha Day video, and yours was no exception. You did a fabulous job. She will treasure this video forever.
It's hard to believe how much MS has grown up over only 10 months. Margaret (Emily G's mom)

Shannon said...

Okay I cried like a baby!! You are going to have to teach me how to make one for Maggie!!!