Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ripple #4: Mei Sims' "friends"

Thoughts from a friend waiting to be matched with her china baby:

Happy Gotcha Day, Mei Sims!

It is so so hard to believe that 12 months have come and gone already.   And even harder to think about what Mei Sims' daily life looked like just over a year ago, a world away in China, without you, Rushton (and all the Waltchacks!) - and to think, being so little, she had no ability to anticipate how her world and future were about to be forever transformed by the depths of your love.   Reading your blog this year, I've thought over and over about the emotional journey of sweet Mei Sims - to go from orphan to deeply-cherished-forever child - it is a mind-blowing notion.  And what a beautiful representation of God's love for us and the spiritual adoption that He appointed for us.

As Rushton has so tenderly shared on her blog their joys, challenges, and hilarious experiences, I have thought through a lot of my own fears and excitement, as my family and I are in the process of adopting a child from China also.  I am literally following Rushton's footsteps - and I've been so thankful for her help the entire way!  Praying with me that my husband would feel the same calling, giving me book advice, encouraging me to use their adoption agency, etc - it's been such a blessing to have Rushton's experiences to look on and learn from.  Living in a small town in Georgia where adoption is very rare, Mei Sims' story has been like our landmark.  Her life has been such an encouragement to me of what is possible when love - given every day, over and over, no matter what - is shown without limit.  Mei Sims sweet little face is now who my kids picture their sibling will be, as they constantly ask what our Chinese baby will look like (since there are no Chinese kids in own town - at least that we've seen or know of).  Mei Sims' story - told through her amazing little mama (and my funniest college roommate) - has been such a blessing to me. I am so proud to be one of the many ripples in the pond of her life, and I can't wait to tell her that one day - and to introduce her to my Chinese child!  My prayer is that Mei Sims' ripple will overflow to my town, and that in the same way that her life has affected mine, that our adoption story will tug at the heart of others in my community and help start a desire for adoption here.  Thank you, Rushton, for sharing Mei Sims' life and journey!  And thank you, Mei Sims, for giving us hope and encouragement!  Happy Gotcha Day, Waltchacks!

~Caroline S.

From me:  This "ripple" was my prayer from the beginning... that God would use her life to encourage another family that their child was in china as well.... I never dreamed it would be one of my dearest friends.  I know that God was working in their hearts long before Mei Sims entered the scene but it is cool to see how He used her to help push them off the cliff.  God did the same for me years ago as I followed the adoption of a sweet little girl at our church.  Being able to see an adoption first-hand helped to calm my fears and light a spark in me as well.... cannot wait to see the rest of Caroline's story unfold.  I'm already planning on our girls being college roommates :)

The other "friend" post is in the works.  I never meant to drag this gotcha day celebration out this long but I can't seem to find any time to cut and paste these!  One day when I have time, I'll have to write about the craziness that is my life these days.... but still have a few more ripples to come.

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