Monday, September 1, 2014

Post Op

Better late than never..... Most of you reading are my Facebook friends.... so Abby and Karen, this one if for you :)

Mei Sims had her surgery on Tuesday and it went well.  She now has a newly shaped socket thanks to some bone from the bone bank.  Her only "hiccup" was losing a good bit of blood and needing a transfusion after surgery, which earned us a night in the special care unit for some closer observation.

During our night in the hospital, we watched Frozen 3 times..... eek... I thought I might lose my mind!!!   I'm going to pull an Elsa here and say "the past is in the past" as to our night at Children's.  It was rough.  Very rough.  Little missy doesn't do well in hospital settings as I mentioned.

The best had to be at midnight, when the nurse comes in to do vitals, sends MS into a tailspin and then says "Oh, do you want to watch a movie?"  I'm thinking "Who asks a kid that at midnight?!? It's the middle of the night here!!!" She puts on Tangled and then goes along on her merry way.  I let her watch for 10 minutes and then said "Sweetie we need to go back to bed." Thankfully she didn't object.

By the next morning, she would take one look at anyone who came in the room and scream "I DON'T LIKE HER!!!! SHE IS MEAN!!!!"  The poor people who were simply restocking our room and not even coming near her....  I just smiled and said "Sorry!"

She kept crying to me "I just don't like it here" so when the doctor entered at 7 a.m. I told him we really needed to get out of there and I live nearby if something goes wrong.  Thankfully her blood looked good and he said "Get out of here!"  We left at 9:45.

There truly is no place like home.  She is back to her normal silly, goofy, sweet self even if she has taken barking orders at me to a new level.

Someone asked me how she slept in her bed the first night and I answered "Like a rock!  She didn't move at all!"  Ha.  Of course, she didn't move.... she's stuck in a body cast.  She is such a trooper.... way tougher than you or I would ever be if we were stuck in a cast.

Thanks so much to all of you who have prayed.  He is healing her body now, she has a perfect socket and He is keeping her mind at peace.  She said to me yesterday "Why are so many people praying for me?"  And I told her people loved her and wanted her to heal quickly.  We were in the car at the time and Henry proceeded to call out every person we passed and say "The policeman there is praying for you. That truck driver is praying for you.  That lady is praying for you....." Silly guy.

3ish weeks to go.  Praying that sleep goes back to normal this week and that her itching subsides. Other than that all is well at our home.... Thanks again for lifting our little one up to the One who knit her together perfectly....

Ready to head back
Waking up with mama
Then telling mama to leave and let pop sit with her...

The morning after...

Home... Yippee

Good shot of the cast.... she loved getting her hair done despite the face she is making
Celebrating 3 years since we got this pic!  She told me she wanted to make weird faces!

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Abby said...

Thank you, Rushton! Was going to call Laura tonight to see how she was doing. Makes me cry to think about all the love she has known in the past 3 years! Hope she gets out of the cast soon!!