Sunday, January 11, 2015

Tomorrow is the day!

So, here we are in Nanning..... the city where we will get our little treasure..... even with a VPN to get around the great firewall of China, I seem to be having issues on Facebook so this may be the easiet way right now to update...

Let's back up a bit.  We left our home in Birmingham at 4:30 a.m. on Thursday..... we barely made it there for our 5:25 flight.... in fact we got to the gate just as they announced the door would close in 3 minutes.  Starting out the journey in true Waltchack crazy fashion.  The next 28 hours were a blur or planes, shuttles, taxis, etc.   We all managed to sleep 7 hours on the big flight which helped to pass the time.  We ultimately passed out on amazing beds at the Ritz in Hong Kong.... a wise splurge for weary travelers in my opinion.  It was incredible.

It is a TOTALLY different trip bringing 2 kiddos with you...  I know it was the right choice and I pray that it will impact their lives..... that they would have a better understanding of how blessed they are, of the hurting in the world, and of our call to be a light in this dark world.... I would venture to say most 8 & 9 year olds think mostly about themselves on a given day..... how they are feeling, what they want to do and so on.  Praying this will shatter their southern, american, well provided for mindset and grow in them a heart after His own heart.  That being said, it is tiring for us to have them here with us.... but we know the heart impact far outweighs any extra mental and physical fatigue they are giving to us.... heck, even this is teaching us to get over ourselves....  we have laughed a lot and are building great memories.  My heart continues to feel like it is in 2 places.... thankful to be here and homesick for my babies all at once.  Sweet Henry keeps wanting to FaceTime me and then proceeds to sob and beg me to come home as soon as he sees me.   So, for now we will cut back on the FT and try to keep him in a happy place.  Mei Sims seems like she hasn't skipped a beat and is all smiles, which is a big answer to prayer.

We got to our hotel in Nanning last night at 9:30.  I can best describe it as looking like what you would picture a communist hotel from back in the day looking like...... we may have set ourselves up for failure by staying at the ritz!  Ha!  We walked through the lobby to a hundreds of staring eyes.... the only white people around.  As we made our way through the thick cloud of cigarette smoke, we made it to our room.... which turns out has no AC!  It is centrally controlled (thank you communism again) and hotel has on its heat because it is winter after all.... and a blustering 65 outside.  Sleep last night was rough and hot.  Anne Rainey woke up in a pool of sweat and covered all over her body with a heat rash of some sort.  Poor thing is itching like crazy.  Needless to say, we moved hotels. We landed at  the marriott this afternoon in an air conditioned room that doesn't smell like someone sprayed perfume to cover up a smoke smell.  We even took a family swim this afternoon with cute little mandatory swim caps on.  I finally feel settled in here, have unpacked and am ready to get to business.... getting little Colley.

So today, Colley spent her last day with her foster family.... her mama and baba.... her sisters.... And tonight she is sleeping with her foster mama for the last night....Tomorrow it all changes.  Tomorrow we are asking Jesus to help her to be brave.... braver than I have ever been called to be.....  So while I can't wait to hold her, my heart breaks for her.  I'm approaching tomorrow with such a mixture of joy and sorrow in my heart..... Thankfully though, I know the one who is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.  (Psalms 34:18)

One of my best friends sent this prayer to me and it is so perfect for tomorrow so I'll leave you with this:

O Thou who alone knowest what lies before me this day, grant that in every hour of it I may stay close to Thee. 

In Thy will, O Lord, is my peace.
In Thy love is my rest.
In Thy service is my joy. 
Thou art all my heart's desire,
Whom have I in heaven but Thee?
And there is none upon earth that I desire besides Thee.

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Suse said...

Praying for you all both OVER THERE and OVER HERE, those who are "already Waltchacks" and the little one who soon will be.
with love, the LORD bless