Friday, October 28, 2011

Could this be your son?

So, I really have NO clue who all reads the blog.... on the off chance that someone is reading this and praying about adoption or has already started the process... Lifeline has some PRECIOUS little boys available through their maoming orphanage in china. I mentioned this several posts ago that lifeline has been given the privilege to partner with one special needs orphanage and adopt out all the kiddos there. Several of my friends have daughters at this orphanage. The super cool thing is that Dr. Jennifer Chambers, our local international adoption doctor in Birmingham, has examined these children in person.

So, click on the link below and view the boys with "b" names who are not matched! There is one in particular who I think is a doll... asked derek if he thought we might have another child in china to which he emphatically replied "We have 4 children! Period!" Thought it was worth a try!!

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