Monday, April 16, 2012

the incubator project

Hey friends! For anyone who has been following my blog for a while and has been wanting to do something to help the cause of orphans.... this post is for you! A fellow Yangxi Mama has launched an awesome fundraiser while she is still waiting to go and get her daughter..... so check out her blog at

I'll let you look at it for all the details but she is basically partnering with Love Without Boundaries to purchase an incubator for the orphanage. They currently do not have one and the cost is about $1,400.... in the scheme of life not much considering all the help it will do.

I'm excited about this for many reasons.... one being that this is MS's former home and another being that this would have greatly benefitted MS when she was found. Every doctor we see here is completely shocked that MS spent no time in a hospital in an incubator or on oxygen... she was just so little. We don't know how early she was but the guess is 34-36 weeks gestation and a tiny 3 lbs.... had she been born in the US she would have spent time in a NICU. But in china, it was straight to the orphanage where she stayed. I think that is why she has so much fight in her.... she has always had to fight. So if you feel led, please give to this project so that some other little ones will be aided in their fight for life!

Just a reminder of what MS looked like in those early days:

Oh that her birth mom could see how healthy & beautiful she is now.