Friday, May 25, 2012

that was fast

Now that I have freaked everyone out and you all think we are falling apart..... God moved in awesome ways this morning.... I just love how he orchestrates details... they may not always be the way we want but today He was spot on with what I would want to happen.

The dr. was going to be in the office for half a day.  I called yesterday to see if there were any cancellations, just so we wouldn't have to wait until next friday.  The receptionist assured me she was slammed since it was a half day and would have no openings.  I almost didn't call this morning because I honestly didn't have much faith that God could rearrange her schedule.... ridiculous I know.  But guess what?  Someone cancelled and we got in at 9:40.   The other part God totally worked out was that we had a friend coming to play at 9:00 so she was able to stay at my house with my 2 big kids and her kids while we went in.  ( of course, MS was with me.... still clinging like a pet monkey).

I wouldn't have posted last night if I knew that I'd have more news today..... but as a result, I was flooded with encouragement and prayers this morning and just feeling literally uplifted.  I also was contacted by a friend who knew the doctor we were going to.... in fact, she researched to find the best doctor in town for her husband and this doctor was it!  I was so excited to hear that because my extent of research involved texting one friend and then seeing if we had mutual friends on Facebook. ha!

So at the doctor, once again we were quite the sight.... I can't seem to slip in anywhere discreetly these days.  MS was screaming as if someone was killing her anytime she saw someone in a "medical outfit"... even the receptionist was too much for her to handle... so back in the room, I was holding her while Henry bravely sat alone, totally still and smiling as the doctor mashed on his "bubble" as we affectionately call it. Then he screamed "thank you!" at the end.  He also said to her "bubble out. Cut it. Chomp." and pretended to be eating a bubble.... what in the world does he think is going on?!

All that build up to say, she feels 100% confident it is a dermoid cyst and not anything dangerous.  Which means he was born with it.  She described it as skin cells that just kind of get stuck and forming in the wrong spot.... as they form, they let off secretions and it just all kind of gets trapped in there.  (they usually have hair on them too since they are skin strange and nasty is that?) She told me all the factors they look for on a CT scan to diagnosis it as this and what they feel for when touching it and everything matches up.  I asked again, how much concern do you have that you may open him up and have to come tell me that it is actually cancer and she said "no concern at all!!!"  In her words "this is no tip of the iceberg. This is what we can feel and see right here."  The only reason it even has to come out is because of the blurred vision it is giving him... the longer it stays in, his brain will actually train his body to not use that eye which is obviously a bad thing.  I explained about MS surgery and she said to get through hers, get her settled and then take care of henry.... so we are scheduled for July 31st.

What a relief!!!  In so many ways, I feel like a weight has been lifted off of us & I can breath again.  I'm thankful that he will be ok, thankful that I can focus on MS's surgery and recovery.... thankful thankful thankful.  I'm also left with so many thoughts in my mind.... why was our "scary situation" tied up so nice and neat after only a few days of struggle.... when others struggle for a lifetime?  I can't figure out the exact emotion I feel (beyond the thankful of course) but maybe a little guilty, a little confused, a little contemplative.... it would be easy to say that God has "blessed" us by taking a path that looked scary and dark and flooding it with sunshine and flowers.... but I don't think someone else is "not blessed" because God chooses different for them.  This is just the path he chose for us.... from an earthly perspective of course I'm so so relieved and thankful.... from a heavenly perspective, I know that those few scary days made me seek Him, comfort from His word and prayer in a way that I wasn't last week.... I don't know.... I may not make sense but it is just making me think about my ideas of suffering, my ideas of God's blessings in our life... and makes me long for heaven.... when all paths with still be full of God's love and kindness but they will also be fun always.... no sorrow and suffering. 

And since I was chastised for no photos on the last blog, here you go :)

Mother's day

MS brushing AR's hair

2 babies kissing....

.... and enjoying a meal together

I left to run to publix with derek in the shower and henry on the back porch painting.  came home to this.

loving her stylish glasses.  She kept them on for an hour! 
the same day as the scary dr. appointment, MS suddenly took off walking around the house behind this!

Fun with friends this morning after the good news! and yes, henry was refusing clothes.


Meredith T. said...

Precious glad to hear good news!!! Praise God!

Pam said...

Thank God! LOVE the pictures! You are going to have a busy summer!