Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happy Referral Day

Two years ago today, we saw her sweet face for the first time.  Those pictures of her are still my favorite.  She was laying in a "meadow" and was so tiny, so adorable..... she was mine.  I can remember the emotions as if it were yesterday.... it felt as if part of my heart leaped out of my chest, flew through the computer screen and landed in China..... and I didn't get it back until March of the following year.  I felt like I might panic, throw up, cry, laugh and sing all at once.  There will always be a little celebration in our home on August 29th.

With MS, we get to celebrate her referral day, gotcha day and birthday..... quite a few more celebrations than the other kiddos.... and I'm ok with that because her story is different.  And although she is only 2.5 years old, I have the sense that she gets it on some level.   Even at her young age, I regularly tell her her story in words that she can understand.... I want her path to us to always be an open discussion full of celebration & joy... So I will often ask Mei Sims "Where were you born?" She usually giggles and doesn't answer me.  If I ask "Were you born in China?" she will say yes.... but last week... something oh so sweet happened .....

(It is worth noting that Henry when asked where he was born smiles really big and says "in chinese!!!" and he often begins stories with "when I was a baby in China....."  I heard an exasperated Rollins saying to him the other morning "YOU ARE NOT CHINESE"... Henry just smiles and says "yes i am."  Same logic he uses when I say "you are not the parent" "yes I am"-- if my hair rapidly turns grey, you now know why)

Back to MS.... Many nights when I am tucking her in to bed, I will get right up in that cute little face and say these words.... a very simplified story "Did you know that you are a miracle?  Did you know that God made you for mommy?  And Mommy had to get on a plane and fly all the way to China to come get you because you are mine."  She smiles really big when I finish that ever so short version of how she came to be ours.  This story has been on repeat over the past few months.  And so this past week, when I said "where were you born?" She smiled from ear to ear and said "Get me!"  And that is now her response.....  Where were you born? Get Me.  She may not know where she is from but she knows what is most important.  We came.

On some level, she gets it... all that matters is that she is where she is supposed to be... and all is well for my baby girl now because of those two simple words.  One day, I'm sure she will give a normal answer like "china" and it will undoubtedly make me sad that she is growing up.... so for now, if I or anyone else asks her where she was born, I will savor her response.... the magical land of Getme....



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