Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2 years ago today....

I went to the bathroom alone for the last time....oops, I mean we met our amazing daughter... my little potty partner if you will...... She came to us in a loud, chaotic room in China... A miracle room.... One where boys and girls come in very much alone in this world and in an instant they leave as sons and daughters.  I praise God every day that He chose us to parent this precious gift.... She is more than worth the fight to get to where we are today.....

There is much I could say as I reflect on the past two years but these videos speak volumes as to how far we have come.  I realize these are a lot of videos to watch so if you only have time for a snippet, scroll to the bottom and view the first 45 seconds of "Happy 2 Years!"  She is such a nut all the time and this interview is a small peek into her adorable personality!

For anyone who has a cup of coffee and wants to journey back 2 years, you can start here...

First, Derek's crazy video.  I love that it captures the chaos of it all.  Please note the baby voice crying in the video when it shows the plane flight home.... that is actually Mei Sims' crying.  As I watched the video recently, it struck me that I have not heard that cry in what feels like ages.  I had almost forgotten what it sounded like.  Sure she cries every day over various things but it is a completely different cry now.... a cry that says "I'm sick, I got a booboo, Henry is being mean to me...." But that old cry was one full of anger and rage.... and it is 100% gone.  Praise God that He makes all things new!

Mei Sims come home! from Rushton Waltchack on Vimeo.

Now for my long video which MS affectionally calls "MY China movie on the compooter"  I see such value in this long version for her.  She watches it almost daily and seems to soak it up.  She loves to point out her nanny, her old room, the "white doctor who I not like."  It brings to life her past in a way that my mere words cannot.

Mei Sims' Adoption Story from Rushton Waltchack on Vimeo.

And just for fun because I seriously love this clip:

shake it from Rushton Waltchack on Vimeo.

And finally, Mei Sims today.  She is a live wire at home but not always out in public, so here is your glimpse into our treasure.  I have a theory that our family simply turns children wild because all my kiddos are CRAZY, LOUD and GOOFY.   I guess we get to test that out again on #5!

Happy 2 years! from Rushton Waltchack on Vimeo.

Happy Forever Family Day/ Gotcha Day/ whatever you want to call it.... actually, I think I'll just say "Happy Miracle Day Mei Sims!"  We love you!

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Meg said...

Oh, I just want to squeeze her-- she's too stinkin' cute!